2016 Trip to Alaska travel blog

Line up for the tunnel to Whittier

Approaching a glacier (Blackstone, I think)

Closer view - enlarge to see cool ice formations lower left

Crew member scooping up ice (berg)

Ice in kitchen getting ready for 'Iceberg Margarita'

End result of Margarita

Several glaciers at once

Nice waterfall

Humpback(?) whale spouting

Seals laying around sunning themselves near a glacier.

Drove over thru the tunnel in to Whittier. On the hour exit Whittier and on half hour enter. I think train goes when ever it wants! :_)

The train tracks go right down the middle of a one lane tunnel so we all share. We got to see a humpback(?) spouting and diving along the way and a couple of seals.

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