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On August 22 we picked up 7.5 lbs of green beans and...

Prior to insulation





Putting plywood on the deck so we could walk on it

The fireplace comes in from the container

Vent from the microwave

Insulation in the vapour boot

The drywall and insulation arrives September 1

Sweeping before putting the drywall on the floor

It was put in various rooms


These are the wires from the Control 4!

The new saw

The fireplace is too big for the hole!

Moving the containers





Getting some deck boards on


The wedding on September 10

Luckily the weather held

These bison provided quite the aroma during the ceremony

Fraser River Fishing Lodge


Jon and Steph


Fresh snow at Harrison Lake

The rain held off until the day after the wedding

Fireplace installation on the 12th




This bathtub fits and is not broken!

Hydro switched the service from the temporary pole on the 15th



Firing up the hot tub on the 16th


Donny putting poly up on the walls

Maureen taping some seams

Insulated vault



First sheet of drywall up





Graffiti behind the TV recess

September 30 almost done




Hardie plank siding and white window trims




A flicker, one of many birds, looking for worms in the grass...

The week of August 22 Rob and Denny put on the remaining Typar House Wrap then they got the Wharf Avenue side of the house sided and window-trimmed. It looks amazing!

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - furnace guys and then Wednesday Thursday gas guys. Tuesday Aug 30 the replacement tub arrived - but it had a big crack in it. The delivery company, Comox Pacific, is taking no responsibility for it. They say because we didn't have a value on the waybill (who does that?) they will only give us $2 a pound (150 pounds) for it, after we pay the $317 shipping cost. Larry told them to stuff it!

Thursday the 23rd was actually a very busy day. The potty guy arrived first thing to pump out the potty (long overdue). We were expecting the tub to arrive mid-morning and the drywall and insulation to arrive about 11. Insulation arrived right on time and the tub arrived right at noon. A couple of our helpers had already gone for lunch but we got it in. The drywall guys got everything unloaded and placed in the main rooms. Meanwhile the gas guys (2 of them) were finishing up overhead and the Control 4 guys (3 of them) were also working in the walls and overhead. Rob was in a rush to get the things finished that he wanted to because he is on holidays for two weeks. He prepped the deck so we can get the boards on.

This basically brought us to lock-up. Part of our agreement with Giampa Homes was to install siding and gutters as well. We have a temporary entry door and the garage door is installed. We thought, "Great now we can get BC Hydro to move us from a temporary electrical hookup to a full hookup to the house." However yet another delay as we found out that Hydro requires overhead clearance of 4.5 metres from a structure and guess what, our two storage containers, that have all our goods in them, are directly under where the wires would have to go. We then had to bring a crane truck in to move them to the other side of the property and Lon's Crane Service did a great job of moving them. Aaron was visiting at this point and he and Maureen reorganized things in the containers to ensure that nothing fell over during the move. Lon moved them so carefully that nothing moved at all!

Along with the electrical wiring we also ran Control 4 Home Automation wiring entirely throughout the house to control audio, video, security cameras, door locks, motorized blinds, heating, air conditioning, etc. How much or how little we actually do will depend on cost but we felt the pre-wire was necessary.

We discovered when we got a quote for motorized blinds that motorization for each blind was anywhere between $400 and $700 extra per blind with a total cost of $12,000 for 13 blinds. So we have scaled that back to just the ocean side blinds being motorized and brought our cost down to just under $4,000.

We had our Napoleon 50 Natural Gas Linear Fireplace ready for installation only to discover that the wall was 1" too narrow on both sides so yet another delay as we had to get our contractor to cut out the 2" x 6" by the one inch on either side. Rob had to complete this before he went on vacation too. Once that was fixed the fireplace was finally installed. We also installed a "Maple Live Mantle" which was finished with beeswax and will be an awesome focal point of the living room.

On September 9 we went to Vancouver to do some house business and on the 10th we went to Harrison Hot Springs for the wedding of Jon and Steph. Aaron joined us there too. He has a truck and camper that he is travelling with now. He will be going south again this winter - November 1 to Guadalajara for a week then on to Lima, Peru, coming home via Buenos Aires sometime in March. We moved to our new house in South Surrey when Aaron and Jon were 2 years old. It was nice to see old friends and a lot of school friends of Aaron's who are very grown now.

The District of Sechelt has their own building code rules over and above the BC Building Code that they have put into place such as requiring vapour barriers to be installed in the ceiling where there are light fixtures even though we are using LED Bulbs. They also require these barriers to be stuffed with insulation and nowhere on the Sunshine Coast is this required other than Sechelt which just added to time delay and the costs.

Then we moved on to insulation and drywall stage and thankfully due to our Direct Buy Membership we were able to by all of our insulation, drywall, beading, tape and mud directly from the wholesaler giving us great savings. Drywall installation should be complete by October 5th.

We had our hot tub put into place prior to the deck construction so that we could build the deck around it. We have the deck about 2/3 completed but as we were doing this we discovered that we could not use our 7 1/4" chop saw as it would not cut through our milled cedar boards which are true 2" x 6" cedar. We had these deck boards milled from the 15 cedar trees that were brought down on our property. So we had to go buy a new 12" Dewalt chop saw which will be put to other use after the build. Larry got a tremendous price on it, managing to get a price just a bit higher than it was offered at Home Depot on the Mainland.

We just could not wait after not having a hot tub for 9 years so we decided that we would fire up the tub even though we are not living in the house yet so we go over regularly and use it. Shhh don't tell anyone!

Larry and Maureen managed to get quite a few deck boards on but when Rob got back he wasn't totally pleased with our workmanship. We had NO plan for going around the corners of the hot tub so before he left us for his next job, he rounded all the corners and built the pull-out service section.

We now have Brad here finishing the siding and maybe it will be finished the week of October 3. The gutters are now on as well. Everyone is so busy over here that Brian had a hard time finding anyone to do them. Larry finally found someone and now the water will be contained where it's supposed to be.

We had hoped to be in the house before the end of October but it now looks like it will be before the end of November. More to follow as we progress.

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