North OR South? Aug 2016 travel blog

Tenterfield railway stn - now a museum

view over Tenterfield - from McKenzie Lookout

Thursday 1st September - Tourist walk - drive to Mt Mckenzie lookout

Quiet day today - late start - then a walk around town following the info Centre’s town walk brochure. Notable among our viewing points was the Tenterfield Saddler (Peter Allen song fame). It took up an hour and then we bought pies to help us warm up. Today has been quite cool with a total cloud cover. It might be spring, but there’s no evidence of it to us in the temperatures. Hazel hasn’t felt too good today with some dizziness hanging on and RonG has had a sore knee for most of the day. What a pair of crocks!

In the afternoon we took a drive up to Mt Mckenzie Lookout. A great view from up there looking over Tenterfield, and in the distance we could see Bald Rock and Mt Norman.

Back to the Showgrounds where Ron n Hazel cooked WonTons for our tea. You’re excused if you think we just eat Spag and Baked Beans when we caravan, but we REALLY do eat very well.

Tomorrow we head further south. Crazy Queenslanders. South = COLD North = WARM. So what possessed us to seek out the cold spots. ????

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