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Tree climbing for sport coming up

this "climber in difficulty" needs rescuing

Friday 26th Aug at Bigriggen - QAA comp starts

It was a cold start to the day with the minimum having gone down to 4deg in the early hours. Today the competition for the Qld State Tree Climbing Championships starts. And also Ron n Hazel have to return to Albany Creek for an appointment. There was some last minute setting up done and the competition started at about 10:00.

Jan and Ron watched the a couple of competitors doing the 5 tasks up in the tree. The first was a timed Work-Tasks event. They are lifted up by a ‘cherry picker’ and the time starts when the judge also in the tree starts the time - they then scamper through the tree to 5 different stations before doing a fast descent to attempt to land on a bullseye. The second one we watched was an aerial rescue of “Tim” (stuffed dummy), who has sustained an injury in the tree and is hanging by his harness uncommunicative (surprise, surprise). The task is to get up the tree, cross to the particular branch from which he is suspended and then lower him (with the competitor to the ground. All of that must be done in under 5 minutes. The first two we watched both failed by seconds. The third was last year’s international champion, and he did achieve it with 15-20 seconds to spare. Spectators are not privy to the scoring system which includes requirements for a multitude of things to be said and done during the exercise. What a fascinating comp to watch. Looking forward to the finals tomorrow which we believe are all done on the same tree for all 5 sections.

Off to Beaudesert after a sandwich to pick up groceries and fuel. On the way back we had a look at the Tamrookum Anglican Church. Magnificent position, and immaculately kept grounds. Didn’t see inside as it was locked and we didn’t want to trouble the caretaker for just the two of us.

Ron n Hazel arrived back at 6:00 in time for the tea which Jan had prepared for us all.

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