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trying out a Titanic deck chair replica

the Acadia

The Silva's bow

Tom helping with the sails


Our Poutine lunch

August 28, 2016

We spent a beautiful sunny day at the Halifax Wharf. As always we started the visit at the Visitors’ Center. Maps and info are the first order of the day. We toured the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. There were displays of boating and shipping history of Nova Scotia. Their showpiece is a display about the Titanic and the men and ships from Halifax who were involved with recovering the bodies found in the ocean. There are 121 unidentified bodies from the Titanic buried in a Halifax cemetery. We also toured the Acadia, a Canadian Royal Navy ship.

For lunch we tried a Canadian tradition – Poutine. Poutine consists of French Fries covered with gravy, cheese curds and various toppings added. We tried the bacon cheeseburger poutine. I ate about ¼ and Tom had the rest. Let’s just say with my ¼ I had a monthly quota of artery clogging fat. We will not be sampling that delicacy again in the near future.

Later in the afternoon we boarded The Silva, a 3 masted schooner, for a leisurely cruise around the Halifax Harbor. Tom and other passengers lent a hand unfurling the sails. Needless to say I prudently decided not to test my new shoulder by giving them a hand. We enjoyed a lively conversation with two sisters during the cruise. One was from Ontario, the other from Nova Scotia and were parting that evening after a month spent together with their four preschoolers. A bittersweet day for them.

We spent night at a different Halifax Walmart. One night there was enough. The local buses idled just outside the lot if they were running ahead of time. We were just about asleep when a train passed on the other side of the bus insistently tooting its whistle.

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