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Revolver that Shoots Shotgun Shells

Huge Revolver

.410 Gauge Revolver

The Trail

Us Four-wheelin'

A Remnant of Dyea

Remnant of the Two Mile Long Wharf at Dyea

Us on the Four-wheeler

The Trail to Lost Lake

The Only Sign We Were Going the Right Way

Sign for Lost Lake


Another Mushroom

Me Looking For "Gold"

"Gold" in the stream

The Four-wheeler and the Hill We Just Climbed With It

The Hill We Climbed

When Fireweed Turns to Cotton Summer is Soon Forgotten (Local Saying)

A View of a Glacier

Another Mushroom

An Old Truck that ain't goin' No Where

Margie on the Four-wheeler

Me Checking Our "Gold"

Some of Our "Gold"

More of Our "Gold"

I'm Tellin' You, It's "Gold" Dammit!

The Town of Dyea Around 1898


Someone asked my co-worker where we got our ivory and he said Walruses. To which they responded, “Awww” like it was such a shame. I wanted to ask them where they got there……oh I don’t know, hamburger. I’m sure they would say the grocery store and then I could say, so it doesn’t come from a living creature. Or of they said from a cow then I could say, Awww. How is it that certain animals elicit an awww and others get a mmmm.

Another customer asked me about dreamcatchers and I began by saying the native Alaskans used them to which she very impolitely stopped me by saying that no, the dreamcatchers were only in the south and only used by the Seminole Indians. I just love it (that’s sarcasm) when people ask me a question and then indignantly act like I have no idea what I am talking about. As usual I have now done some research and none of it mentions the Seminole Indians. It does say another tribe and goes on to say that it was then copied by many others, which I’m sure includes some that were up in the north.


The owner was in the store today and noticed a woman on her phone in the doorway. He tried a couple of times to get her attention before saying rather loudly, “Young Lady” (she wasn't young) I think she then turned around and he asked her to move outside with her iPhone as she was blocking the doorway and he was sure it was real important. Then he said he would give her $5 if she could name the town she was in.

My co-worker mentioned that he had lost his laptop and was concerned that someone had taken it out of this truck. I remember seeing what I thought was his iPad in the office. So, I looked and discovered it was actually his laptop and I put it out on the counter for him to “discover.” I think he may have called me a name. I told him I had seen it there the day before.

A customer was asking Dave about being native Alaskan to work in the store selling the merchandise. So now you think we have to be native Alaskans to just work here and sell the stuff. You don’t have to be Chinese to work in a Chinese restaurant.

Every day, I see people with huge backpacks on their backs, carrying probably anywhere from 20-50 pounds of stuff. What do they think they need that makes it worth walking around with that on their backs and the danger of walking through stores and possibly knocking stuff off of shelves. I can see a lot of people are unaware that they are even carrying it.

A customer asked me how much, what money do you take and then said, Canadian? I said US. I would have liked to have said, what country do you think you are in.

Margie told me that we have been offered the use of a four wheeler to take out on the trails. So, that’s what we are doing on Saturday.

I got an email from the place we stored our stuff in Washington. It’s time to pay up. We owe them 10 more dollars for the month of September. I had promised them some pictures since the man was born in Skagway.


Today we hung at least 20 wind chimes in the store. Oh, what fun? OK, my co-worker actually hung them. I just helped a little.

My co-worker had a bit of an episode today and was taken to the clinic. They checked his blood pressure and such and couldn’t find any reason for his dizziness. So, he came back to work for the rest of the day.


I paid the storage bill and sent them some pictures of Skagway. I paid the bill through the bank’s bill paying service instead of trying to send it through the mail.

You have to wonder what dogs are thinking. One was standing very obediently beside his master but she wanted him to sit. So, she yanks on his leash a couple of times pulling his head back until he sits. I’m noticing the wooden boards that the city uses for a sidewalk is pretty wet from the rain last night. I can just imagine the dog thinking, I really wanted to stand, but since you wanted me to sit, now my ass is wet, thank you very much. However, he sat very nicely. That is until someone wanted to pet him. Then he got right up to be petted.


A Margie contribution: The post office contacted the manager and told her that they just found a shipping label on their floor. It wasn’t the local post office. So, it had gotten somewhere else before the label came off. Therefore, it’s doubtful that the package got to where it was going. However, no one has contacted us about a purchase that they never received.

Someone asked me, "Is the stuff in the museum real artifacts or reproductions." Duh, they are real.

The owners’ son went in for surgery today to get a heart transplant. So far, we hear it was a success.

I heard some people talking about some boxes we have and they said more than once that they were $247. I did not remember them being that expensive. So, after they left I had to go look. They are $59.99. However, the SKU number which is six digits long starts with 247! They also had a heck of a time trying to get the lid off. It just lifts off.

It’s amazing how many people don’t see the sign telling them one side is the exit for the museum and go right on in that way. Today a woman saw the sign from the front of the store and changed sides of the store at that point to go through the store and into the museum.

I received an email from the owner passing on an open house at the Chilkoot Trail Outpost on Sunday. We had been to it when we first got here. We were looking for a Geocache and the owner came out and ended up showing us around. He was just amazingly hospitable and even invited us to come back and have coffee. I really wanted to but never made it. So, I really wanted to go. The only thing is we had planned to fix salmon with my co-worker. He was happy to postpone it and go to the open house also. Especially, since they were serving salmon and it was free.


Well today we went to get the four-wheeler. The owner works for the city at the recycling place that Margie goes to twice a week. Other than that he don’t know us at all. However, he is letting us take his 4-wheel drive pickup with the four-wheeler on a trailer out to ride the trails while he is working. He also asked us if we had a gun or bear spray, which we didn’t. He said it was very possible to encounter a bear out on the trails. So, not only did he loan us the truck, trailer, and four-wheeler he also brings out a massive revolver with shells in a backpack like thing. I had heard of a revolver that shoots .410 shotgun shells but had never seen one. That’s what this thing was. So, we met another very hospitable Skagway person.

We headed out to Dyea to go four-wheelin’. Dyea is actually where a lot of the Goldrush began, but it has since died out. It actually died pretty quickly and pretty completely. We saw more of it on the four-wheeler, including what is left of the pylons for the two mile wharf that went out in the water to help get the stampeders off the ships and on land. We also saw an area where some remnants of the town are. We were able to take the four-wheeler up a steep hill that we had to stop at with our truck before. That was kind of disappointing since we found out there wasn’t any more road or trail up there. By the way, the hill is much steeper than it looks in the pictures.

We stopped at a couple of little streams that come off the mountains and found what looks a lot like gold. I don’t guess it really is. No one else thinks it is. Dammit!

We also started on foot on a trail that is supposed to lead to Lost Lake. The sign said it was 1.2 miles. However, it didn’t say that it was almost all straight up. We didn’t make it to Lost Lake. They say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I’m just glad to know I can still climb a trail if I have to. We did not encounter any bears.

After we were done four-wheelin’ we filled up the truck before taking it back and then ate at the Skagway Brewing Company. For a time the owners of our company also owned it, but they sold it some years ago.


I got up early and was in an exceptionally good mood. I went through the “gold” we found yesterday.

I’m doing the laundry while Margie cleans. I’m also writing this blog. Then we will go to the open house.

I will try to proof read my co-worker’s letter he is sending to the owners about leaving early and put an ad on Facebook for him. He has a greenhouse he wants to sell before he leaves. Others have had some great success here selling things on Facebook. Now I wish we would have kept some of our stuff instead of storing it in Washington. I proofread the letter but didn't get the ad put on Facebook. I did, however, go online to USPS.com to get six click and ship labels that Margie wanted. Now to go home and print them. I'm in the clubhouse right now.

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