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Building over the Dinosaur prints

Hill near Lark Quarry

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Dinosaur foot prints

One is a Dinosaur

Dinosaur bones waiting to be processed

Up the Centre


Cloncurry to Winton

The country on the road today has mostly been very flat, seeing far into the distance, and lovely and green, as there has been rain recently. However, a lot of the green is not grass, and we often wonder if animals eat a lot of these other plants. Most of the creeks and rivers are full at the moment.

Walked around the town, we have been here before so didn't go to the museum in the town.



We hadn't been out to the two dinosaur areas before, so a very early rise as we had a 110km drive out to Lark Quarry. This was 60km of sealed road, and 50km of unsealed road. However the unsealed wasn't too bad, and about every 10km there was a 1km of sealed road, this was an "Opportunity to Pass" section. We seen many Big Red kangaroos along the first half of the road, then the rest of the way were Big Grey kangaroos.

Went for a walk around the hills near the quarry, it does look like dinosaur country, then there is wide open spaces, looking green, however a lot of the green is very spikey spinifix .

Watched a video and a lady gave a talk about how the dinosaur prints were found. They were stampeding toward a water hole, and immediately the footprints were filled in with silt etc. Sounds like Noah's flood to me, also there are no bones in this area as they would have been washed away.

On to Australian Age of Dinosaurs, this is 25km the other side of Winton. Yes we did a lot of travelling today. This is all about dinosaur bones. They have racks of bones still to be processed, and it is like putting a jigsaw together, to get the right bones matching. It was very interesting.

Love Dawn

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