Alaska...Again 2016 travel blog

Day 61 Glacier View RVPark. Woke up to sun!! though slightly overcast. Met neighbors in huge motorhome next to us.They're from BC. Funniest story. They met a fellow traveler with a motorhome and a toadie (car towed behind). They were stopped in Jasper and had left the toad unlocked. Well, as they drove down the road they heard all this honking and people were pointing, so they stopped. Apparently an older man with Alzheimer's had gotten into their toad by mistake. So they drove him a half hour back to Jasper and found his family. The stories you hear! They were going off on a bike ride. Apparently the bike trails in Smithers are pretty good. (Not mtn bike, though there are those, too). Anyway, we took off for our hike a little late to Crater Lake. Long windy dirt road up to ski area. Took off up the trail, which the girl at VC said was steep at first. It was pretty cool and windy...and quite steep!! Keep going. Took us an hour and 45 minutes to go 1 3/4 miles. I was really digging deep. There was a huge head wind. Small lake left by glacier. Really pretty views! On the way up was a sign that looked like piano keys with an arrow pointing left. Couldn't figure what it meant, but we followed it. About half way up we discovered what it was...a piano!!! in the middle of the open tundra!!! It was quaintly painted and playable. Covered with a tarp. Sometimes things like that give you the extra impetus to keep going. Took almost as long to get down. By the time we got back to trailer it was time for shower and wine...and more wine.

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