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Here we go,

The cruise ship looks mighty big from the dock.

Our first peek at the ship.

Seattle looks awesome as we cruised away.

Mt. Rainier in the distance.

Coming into Juneau we saw lots of waterfalls and eagles.

Lots of activity in the harbor with boats and planes coming and...

We did not do this while in Juneau but lots of folks...

This is the Mendenhal Glacier near Juneau. Who knew it would be...

The Mendenhal Glacier took our breath away.

The Salmon Bake was great. They grilled the salmon outdoors

It was raining that day but we ate outside anyway. When in...

Next stop, Skagway, home of the Klondike Gold Rush

Getting ready to ride the train up to White Pass.

Loved all the windows for better view of the scary drop-offs.

Saw lots of waterfalls and rivers on the train trip too,

More views from the train.

You can see traces of the old Gold Rush trail.

The train went over several old wooden tressels. I held my breath.

We crossed into British Columbia on the train.

I thought this was a cool photo. Reminds me of that Sandra...

Dinner with the girls.

Roaming around Ketchikan.

Lots of places to buy or eat fish in Ketchikan

Planes were always coming or going.

Beautiful totem poles in Ketchikan

Leaving port.

There was some relaxing going on when we weren't in port.

Me too.

Corinne and I just hanging out.

Heading into Glacier Bay

Pictures don't really do this area justice.

We got up real close to this glacier and saw it calve.

This seagull caught a ride on this ice flow.

So beautiful.

I know we took too many photos, but it was hard not...

Watching for whales.

I bought us matching sweaters for our anniversary. We only needed them...

So glad we got to see Butchart Gardens in Victoria, BC

The plantings were just beautiful.

There I go again overusing the word beautiful.

The colors guessed it, beautiful

They called this the sunken garden.

Captains Dinner and we got all gussied up.

Our anniversary cruise to Alaska was amazing. Everything was great. The weather was mild, the seas calm, the scenery fantastic, our room was roomy, the food was outstanding (especially the deserts!). We loved it all. We were even greeted by balloons and a large Happy Anniversary card at the door of our room. And champaign for dinner that night. Thank you Corinne for a memorable gift. It was especially nice to share this experience with her and friend, Carlee. It was a beautiful day in Seattle and as we departed the port, the Seattle skyline was awesome and it was even clear enough to see Mt. Rainier in the distance.

Our first stop was in Juneau. I didn’t realize that Juneau, the state capitol, is not accessible by road. You either fly in or boat in. Because they are isolated, they have to generate their own power source. They also have one of the few McDonalds in the state and that is amazing considering all supplies have to be shipped in. They told us McDonalds set a record on their opening day when they sold 18,000 hamburgers. They had to close after that first day until they could replenish their supplies. While in Juneau we visited a salmon hatchery, which was very interesting, took a bus to the Mendenhal Glacier, which was amazing, and attended a salmon bake, which was delicious.

Next port was Skagway, the city where thousands of gold miners left from back in the Gold Rush days. They had to climb from sea level to over 3,000 ft in 13 miles to get to the gold fields through British Columbia to Dawson City. They used horses and pack mules to carry all their gear up the mountain in such a steady stream that they say if you were to stop to tie your shoe or do something with your horse, it would take hours to get back in the queque. We followed the trek of the miners, but in a train. The views were stunning, but it was a bit of a scary ride. Steep climbs, sharp drop-offs, and hugging rock walls. I did a lot of leaning when we were on the side of the train with the drop-offs. We were able to see some of the original pathway that the miners took. That was pretty cool.

Our favorite cruise was in Glacier Bay which was absolutely beautiful. The bay was dotted with islands and the water was a blue/green. We were able to get close to several of the glaciers and we even saw one of the glaciers calve. It is a magical place.

Next stop was Ketchikan, which is known for being the rainiest city in America, 322 days of rain. It was a much bigger city than I imagined and they are also known as the Salmon capitol of Alaska. There were lots of shops to buy fish and the canneries lined the waterfront. We walked around town a bit and saw lots of hand carved totem poles. Apparently we got lucky because the day we were there, it was warm (70s) and clear blue skies.

After cruising all night and most of the day, we made a stop in Victoria, BC. Along the way, there were many, many, whales swimming alongside our ship. Everytime you looked out you would see water spouts and whales coming to the surface. I called it the whale freeway. I don’t know if they were migrating or what, but there sure were a lot of them. We only had a few hours in Victoria, so we chose to visit Butchart Gardens, which I had heard lots of good things about. It lived up to all its raves and we were memorized by all the flower gardens and beautiful plantings. We got a bonus too as our bus driver decided to give us a tour of Victoria and we saw the highlights of that city which we would have missed otherwise.

Anyway, we are back to the RV, a little tired but with great memories. The weather has been beautiful here in northwest Washington and no rain yet. But it is definitely looking like Fall. The leaves are starting to turn and some are falling. Hard to believe next weekend is Labor Day. Thanks to all of you for the anniversary wishes. We appreciate your well wishes.

Till next time.................................................

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