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Our 1st view of the Flower Pots 11:00 am

Same view 4:30 pm. Arch almost filled





Kayaks traveling around arches at high tide


August 24, 2016

Oh my – what a day! It started with a disappointment and turned into what, so far, is the highlight of our trip. We first headed to Cape Enrage as we had heard many online comments about the beauty of the area. After driving into the middle of nowhere (literally!) We found the Provincial Park gate locked with no one insight. We could see the lighthouse but could not see over the cliffs. It may have been a beautiful setting be we could not appreciate it. So we had no choice but to backtrack 10 miles over a winding, pock-filled road.

We headed on down the road to Hopewell Rocks. Such a common name for such an exciting place. We hiked through the woods down to the beach and were rewarded with a spectacular sight. We had our first glimpse of the “Flower Pots” from an observation deck high above the beach. Over time ocean tides have carved these pillars of sandstone and conglomerate rock with balsam fir and dwarf spruce growing from the top of the formations. The conglomerate rock and sandstone cliffs surrounding the beach have also been carved by the tides into interesting shapes. Three hours before and after high time people are permitted to walk on the beach among these formations. We took a guided tour with a park ranger over the beach. We returned later during high tide. The high tide crested at 43 feet deep. We watched kayakers skimming over the areas we had walked on the beach. The Bay of Fundy had the highest recorded tides in the world. The Bay is shaped like a funnel with the mouth being 160 miles wide and narrowing at its inland end. The floor of the Bay also becomes shallower as it flows north. These two factors combine to allow the extreme deep tides. The area was beautiful at both extremes.

Parked beside us at Hopewell was a 1992 PleasureWay. We met the couple who were from Alberta, Canada. They had recently purchased the PW and were on their first extended trip. They were following most of our route but adding Newfoundland. Maybe another trip we will hit Quebec and Newfoundland. It was nice to compare experiences in our PWs. Really surprised that we haven’t seen more PWs on this trip since they are manufactured in Saskatchewan, Canada.

We headed on to Moncton to spend the night at Camp Walmart – about 30 units overnighting there. First we celebrated Tom’s birthday with dinner at Montana Steakhouse. “Somehow” they found out it was his birthday and the waitresses sang Happy Birthday – complete with Montana moose antlers.

We completed the evening by doing laundry – Tom’s choice. Glad we stocked up on Loonies and Toonies ($1 & $2 coins} and quarters. Have to say we have met many friendly people in Canada. Whenever we ask a question there are 2 or more people ready with an answer. They compete to give recommendations for restaurants or directions. The clerks at the Moncton Walmart questioned Tom’s “southern accent”. When they found we were heading to Nova Scotia they talked over each other vying to give ideas for sites and directions.

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