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Entering The Adirondack Park. It felt like being in an Enchanted Forest

The Moose River

Just a bit of interesting information about the area and the history

If I had to get a flat tire, we at least were...

The middle branch of the Moose Rives as it flows thru Old...

A nice place to relax and enjoy the view

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!!

And here is why I say that . . . The day started a bit frustrating with the threat of rain hanging over our heads first thing this morning instead of later in the day as predicted yesterday. We thought we could make a short day of it and get to the next destination before the rain set in. It is always a chance you take, do we try and beat it or wait it out and ride later?? Our last effort to beat the rain, way back iin Lockport NY, was a dismal failure!! We were on the Eire Canal only a short time before the downpour arrived and before we were done for the day we were coated in a fine, muddy mess from all the back splash on the trail. We were hoping to avoid making that mistake again!

After a labored decision making process, and a special made to order breakfast prepared for us by our lovely hostess at the hotel of French Toast and fried eggs, (indecision works up an appetite!) we decided we would wait it out for a few hours, the forecast said it would all pass over by later in the day! So I got a lot read in my book and Mike oiled the chains and we waited. A bit of rain arrived, but not all that much. We knew the road ahead of us was going to be a difficult one, well at least we thought it would be as we are in the foothills of the Adirondacks and have had a taste of how the hills can get you!! They are much tougher than they look! We just didn't want to get caught on winding roads and hills in the rain. We made a decision and stuck to the plan.

It was a lot cooler once we got underway. We made the left hand turn onto Moose River Road and found we were immediately in the woods! It was beautiful!! Words like beautiful and gorgeous and amazing, I can feel are way overused and I apologize for that!! To describe these woods, I would have to say this forest was Enchanted! It was the kind of forest that inspires poetry. The kind of forest that we visualized as the setting for Hansel and Gretel. You could imagine the big bad wolf following Little Red Riding Hood in these woods, hiding among the tall straight pines. The canopy of shade created by the dense growth of trees left the forest floor uncluttered of debris and covered with soft grasses. Tall straight pine trees, what kind of pines I do not know and white ash trees and who knows what other secret tree grew among them. The day was gray and misty adding to the mystery and enchantment. Our route followed the Moose River as it wound its way through this magical place, keeping us company with the sound of water spilling over the rocks in places. It was a wonderful few hours!

We anticipated the day to be difficult and slow going with the hills. We had one piece of advice from Mitch, a local rider we met in The Capri Pizzaria last night. He agreed yes, it was hilly but once we got past this one big hill we would be good. He was a bicycle rider himself who knew these roads, so if he said there was a hill, it must be some kind of hill!! So I was a little apprehensive about our ride today, and it started out living up to my worst fears! The worst ones are the hills with a false apex, you think you are at the top and then you see it rolls on ahead of you a little bit further!! One stinker of a hill was so hard it made me want to puke before I got to the top!! I zig zag when I can, but you have to be very careful, after all we are climbing a hill and cars can quickly come over the top! Luckily it is so quiet you can hear a car from a long distance. But . . . We made it!! We always make it!! And Mitch, if you are reading this, it wasn't nearly as bad as you made it sound!! Once you are at the top and sailing down the other side, all is forgotten and you enjoy the ride!!

Part 2- I guess you can't ride the whole day in the enchantment of Adirondack Park, we had to turn onto a main road for the last half of our day. It was a pretty busy highway at that. Even though it is only Thursday, there was so much holiday and recreational traffic, easily identified by the fact almost every car had either a boat, an rv, a kayak or all 3!! We are in that sort of area!! Officially in the Adirandacks, there are many lakes and rivers all around us even if we can't see them yet, obviously the secret is out and everyone else knows!! Being the last weekend before Labor Day and feeling the change in the air it is understandable the rush to squeeze in one more recreational weekend!! But for us, not so much fun. It wasn't too bad, you know there is usually something good to balance out the not so good. The advantage of being on a main thoroughfare is it changes the grades of the roads from a grade than almost makes you puke to long slow climbs which is totally ok with us!! But oops, another negative about a busy highway, road debris. Today was my day for a flat tire. The worst culprit seems to be the pieces of wire left from the steel belts of blown tires. I didn't even see this one lying on the side and it pierced my tire easily. Bugger!!!! My Prince Charming came to my rescue (with a bit of help from me!) and changed it pretty quick. Luckily it was the front tire, that is so much easier to change than the rear and we had it up and running in no time. The rain started to fall in the form of a heavy mist but there was only a few miles left of our day. In fact it turned out to be about a mile, as we rounded the curve in the road the town of Thendara appeared immediately! We were at the Adirondack Scenic Railroad Station, an inviting setting with covered picnic tables, a beautiful hotel across the street and the train was arriving!! Seemed like the perfect place to stop and enjoy the setting, pulled out our fruit and muffin as a snack and people watched for a brief rest. It was here I decided I HAVE to ride that train!!

There was still a few more miles, or so we thought, once again we mounted up and pedaled off. For the last few days we have been passing thru little hamlets that can be very small with maybe a store and a restaurant and a post office if we are lucky!! So looking at the map for today, there was no reason to think these next few hamlets or towns would be any different. And there is the surprise!! You just never know what to expect and this time we were so pleasantly surprised!! Thendara stretched along the road and met up with Old Forge completing quite an avenue of restaurants, motels and outdoor equipment rental shops! Even when we thought it would be another quiet little hamlet, we planned on staying in Old Forge for a day of rest. Now that we know the area is full of entertainment and interesting places, we will be enjoying local activity, a museum to learn about the area, a train ride and if there is time a little bit of rest!!!! Well, those are my plans anyhow!! It is quite the active outdoor hub of activity!! Boating, kayaking, stand up paddle boards, skiing, snowmobiling, biking, fishing, hunting and who know what else!! Museums, art, restaurants and much, much more!! Looking forward to exploring tomorrow, and my train ride!!

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