North OR South? Aug 2016 travel blog

at the children's swimming hole - complete with sandy beach

no swimming hole now

does this look familiar? - Gibsons on holidays

Wednesday 24th Aug at Bigriggen - joined by RnH

The rain has been heavy at times but continuous right through the night and up to lunchtime. The creek (actually Logan River) behind us has changed through the night from being a gently running stream to a raging flood torrent. We couldn’t see the creek from our van yesterday as it was so low, but this morning we have no trouble with it being swollen a couple of metres higher. Anyone want to join the Gibsons with their great reputation for ‘holidays’ linked with ‘rain’.

RnH arrived late morning travelling through rain for much of the trip and quickly set up in their spot next to us. After lunch we all read and dozed until the kettle called “cuppa time”. As the rain had all but stopped by late afternoon - just intermittent light showers - we walked along the park looking at the creek below. At the waterhole which was so placid yesterday, it has now flooded right over the flat picnic like area and is now very uninviting.

Today more arborists have arrived for the State Championships of tree climbing (spikes are not permitted), and the one camped closest to us scaled one of the trees designated for the climbing competition on Fri and Sat. Friday is mainly the speed climbs and on Saturday the other events. He was removing large amount of small unstable branches out of the tree to minimise falling debris on the judges below when the competitors are moving up and through the branches. He will be one of the judges. Vested interest I guess!! Interestingly Queensland has unique status with the world body such that the winners go straight to the International competitions without having to compete against the other Australian States first. This reflects the high standard of the Qld Arborists and the esteem that the International body holds for them. Go Queenslanders.

RnJ and RnH all retired early as the cold started to roll in following the cessation of the rain. We are hoping for a light breeze and lots of sun tomorrow to dry everything out.

SORRY - no pictures since the 20th - lack of time when in Beaudesert doing the postings

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