North OR South? Aug 2016 travel blog

Sunday 21st Aug - church at MPC plus R n H’s decision day

We went along to MPC today and enjoyed a reflection of the church’s changes over the last 90 years. It was started on 22nd August 1926. After lunch we headed to R n H’s place to chat about the holiday - whether they go, when they go, where they go.

After much discussion, Hazel and Ron decided that they would NOT go to Flinders; it would be too far removed from any medium sized hospital, if her condition developed again. After discussion of many options, we settled on a trip around north-eastern NSW over 5 to 6 weeks. Hazel would still keep her specialist appt next Friday and we could possibly head off together on the Saturday.

Ron n Jan couldn’t see the point in just hanging around especially as we have Tim and his friend Matt staying in the house. No fun for them having a couple of ‘oldies’ cramping their style. Late in the afternoon we decided to head off tomorrow am for a six day stop somewhere while we await the outcome of R n H’s checkup on Friday.

Will we go North or should we go South? Where would you suggest?

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