North OR South? Aug 2016 travel blog

at NCC's Alumni afternoon tea

what a great night

portion of the full cast for the finale "Do you hear the...

Saturday 20th Aug - back to Arana Hills

We were away at 9:00 and at Arana Hills home by 10:30. Not sure how long we will be home so reversed the van into it’s bay beside the house. Took time to do a little shopping and washing & offload some items and pack up a few more. Also gave the yard a good watering. Tim and friend Matt have moved into our house to house-sit for us.

5:00pm we were at a function at Northside College for alumni - no not us, for past students, NCC wasn’t even in existence when we went to school - no, this function was to encourage alumni students to reconnect with the school and maintain a link with it. At the function the principal gave some kind comments about Ron’s involvement with the school doing archival work, and encouraged the past students to check out the displays which the school had created of past years.

Following the afternoon function we attended Northside’s “20 Year Musical Anniversary” where they produced a fantastic concert featuring one item from each of the ten musicals performed at Northside over the past 20 years. The school does a musical every second year and a primary concert on the in-between years. The concert really was spectacular and featured alumni lead role students who had performed in the original presentation supported by other alumni and current Northside students. Even the orchestra was made up of past and present students. We enjoyed front row seats on free tickets as a thank you from the school for Ron’s support. How great was that? Not bad reward for simply scanning a few photos over the last year or so.

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