2016 PG Snowbird Adventures - our Cross Canada trip travel blog

Rodrigues Winery & Distillery, this is where we parked overnight with power

Rodrigues Winery & Distillery - the green house and the universities windmill

Rodrigues Winery & Distillery - main office, which use to be the...

Sampling room and gift shop,

Cape ST Mary's

Cape ST Mary's info center

Gannet soaring along the cliffs with his 6 ft wingspan

Gannets nesting area

Gannet at the view point - very noisy there

Gannet Cleaning himself

Family of gannets raising young for flight south

Just hanging out

Looking back at Cape ST Mary's info center

Stop for lunch - at The Puffins perch on the way back...

this was the only moose that we saw in NFLD

We drove onto Witbourne - Rodrigues Winery our Harvest Host

This is a large winery, located in Whitbourne, as compared to the ones we have seen during our trip.

We had a personalised grand tour, in the evening from one owners, Leonel Rodrigues and Dwayne, this innovative process never seen or done before in Canada, and only one or two in USA. We watched part of this flaking process, which is hard to put into describe here. Amazing knowledge of and the use of water chemistry. Had some special wine tasting after dinner. No chemical additives at all, ALL organic products.

All the berries are hand picked and are locally available, they process the berries.

They have a large still from France, for the production of Vodka and Flavoured Brandies.

We also, did a short trip down to Cape St Mary's ecological reserve. It is a protected area for the Gannets, you have to hike about a kilometre to arrive where they nest. It is sad that they have to post signs up for a NO FLY ZONE for Drones. This area is just west of the Argentia Ferry Terminal. This is a nesting area for other species too.

We had lunch on our return at the Puffins Perch

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