North OR South? Aug 2016 travel blog

contented cattle on the farm (agisted)

Friday 19th Aug - at farm

7:30am saw us over at the house so that Bob could attend a meeting in Brisbane for the morning followed by a luncheon engagement. Jan stayed with Annette and Ron went over to the processing shed and cracked some nuts for Bob and us for personal consumption. That quickly wiled away a couple of hours. During the time Annette was awake, she and Jan listened to a message from Charles Swindoll and listened to comedian Jeanne Robinson - that gave them both a good laugh.

Late afternoon Bob and Annette had a visitor for an hour, and then after dinner, we combined our brain power and endeavoured to do a joint crossword puzzle, with Annette spelling each word, just to make sure we got it right. Goodbyes were exchanged because we will be leaving first up tomorrow and not returning to the house.

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