North OR South? Aug 2016 travel blog

Tuesday 16th Aug - caravan parts - mower check - visit John - Sequence 3-7 BvG

Today is the boy’s turn for shopping right after David and Ron then went off to pick up the new towing mirrors for the Prados. David also got a new jockey wheel. From the shops we went to Anna’s to check out if her mower is worth keeping. It is, and David got it started no problem and then left to get a couple of bolts for the van. After he left there was no way I could get that mower started again - grrrrr - so the grass didn’t get mown. Anna is going to pick up a new spark plug as the old one has seen better days.

We’ve just got time for a sandwich before going to visit John again. He is being looked after well and our visit was most of the time spent conversing over things from the present. Occasionally he would slip back into an unrelated area, but overall it was a great visit. Our heart goes out to them both as they adjust to living separated life styles.

On the way back to the park Jan and Ron picked up seat covers for the Prado - that should help to keep the seats clean as we travel over the next few weeks. Arvo tea then a walk before tea. Ron even managed to walk the flight of steps at The Pines park 3 times. Small progress.

Tonight the girls had the opportunity to redeem their self esteem at the game Sequence with the boys saying that they were going ‘all out’ to encourage the girls after Sunday’s whitewash. Well we all won. The boys achieved their goal of ‘encouragement and the girls walloped them with a 7-3 win. Win-win we say - well the boys say.

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