North OR South? Aug 2016 travel blog

late afternoon looking towards Pt Vernon

Ron's 'Beach Babe'

actually beesting is better than pies

Jan and Anna at the start of Cooper's Walk

remembering 'Cooper'

Monday 15th Aug - shopping and pub dinner at night

Today has been quiet. Jan n Ron did a bit of shopping for a a few groceries, and then after morning tea Jan and Heather went off to find a craft shop. They were supposed to bring back pies for lunch.

Well, when they ring up at 2:00pm to say “Are you still waiting for your pie?” - what do you think the answer was? David and Ron decided enough was enough so we went and made a sandwich about 1:30 - - so the pies never eventuated. It’s all a conspiracy. It’s the new way of trying to get David and Ron to reduce their food intake.

At afternoon tea we enjoyed the ‘beesting’ that Heather brought back from the pastry shop. Yum! Maybe the girls are trying to make amends for ‘missed pies’ for lunch! It was so huge we’ve left half for tomorrow.

4:30 we went to collect Anna and bring her back to the c’van park for a chat before dinner. Anna thought we might like to see “Cooper’s Walk”. It was opened only in Dec 2015 and is a 250m long board walk between the Esplanade and the edge of the sand dune, running from Scarness to Torquay. It was very peaceful and delightful walking among the paperbarks listening to the birds.

Dinner was to be had at the Hotel which is walking distance from the van park. Monday is 200gm Steak night with salad and chips, and we were certainly not disappointed. It was a great opportunity for Anna to hear all about HEAL Africa from Heather and David (Anna is a trained nurse educator so was very interested in the hospital information).

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