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The Boat Coming for Us

The Fjordland

Us in the Boat

Inside the Boat and the Crew

Haines, Alaska

A Glacier

Off the Back of the Boat

The Doorway to the Boat Interior

Looking Forward from the Back

A Shaft of Light

Inside the Bus

An Eagle's Nest

A Cool Mountain

Dry on the Way In

Underwater on the Way Out

Best Burger in Juneau (the sign says so)

One of the Cruise Ships

Swinging Doors to the Red Dog Saloon

Margie's Friend

My Friend

Margie's Proof We Were In Juneau

Three Ships in Juneau's Port

Mendenhall Glacier

Mendenhall Glacier Closer

Salmon Swimming Upstream

Sea Lions

Margie on back of Boat

Margie on back of Boat

Whale Exhaling

Whale Tail Fins

Another Whale's Tail Fin

Our Dinner on the Boat

Eldred Lighthouse

Distinct Color Difference in the Water

A Majestic Eagle


We arrived at the small boat harbor at about 7:30AM to catch the ferry to Juneau, Alaska. First we stopped at Haines, Alaska to pick up more passengers. Then we continued on to Juneau. On the way we had muffins and coffee. We also had an apple but we saved ours for later. We saw a lot of Eagles on the way and I got some pictures of them and other sights along the way. Margie decided that it’s very nice that eagles have such bright white heads because it makes them very easy to spot in the trees and such. We arrived in Juneau around 11 and boarded a bus. First we went to the airport to drop off passengers who were catching flights out. Then we continued on to downtown Juneau where we were dropped off. We walked the main business (read tourist) area and went in some stores ending up at the Twisted Fish Restaurant. We had been told about the Twisted Fish by a co-worker. I had the First Mate Plate which was broiled salmon and halibut. Margie had the Halibut fish and chips. It was pretty good. After we ate we walked the business district some more. Most of the stuff there is the same as we have in Skagway and a lot of the same stores, also. Margie bought some specialty soaps including a sampler pack of glacier silt soap. It’s made from the silt that washes down from the glaciers. We took a few pictures and I popped in to the Red Dog Saloon I’d heard about, and I had seen people in Skagway wearing their hats and such. We were told that the tide rises really fast and I took a picture of one area as we were going in that was pretty dry and then coming out that was completely under water. We met the bus where we were dropped off at around 2:30. Then we headed for Mendenhall Glacier. We walked out a trail to a viewing area and took some pictures of the glacier. Then we went in the visitor center to look at displays and watch a short movie. After the movie we went to a small stream to watch the salmon swimming upstream. We left our apples on the bus when they told us we might see bears and it would be a good idea not to have any food with us. The bus came back to pick us up at about 4 for the ride back to the boat. We met the boat at a different location than where it dripped us off. On the way back we got a better look at a lighthouse, saw some sea lions, dolphins and whales among other things. We also had a light dinner of salmon chowder, a roll and a cookie. Margie said she thought the salmon chowder would’ve been better if it hadn’t had salmon in it……….huh. We stopped in Haines on the way back and dropped off some people there before going on to Skagway, arriving about 8 or so. So, it was a full day and we got home around 8:30.


Today we went grocery shopping, did laundry and not much else.

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