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Arco City Hall

Looks like a picture of rocks, but it was once molten lava

More, but different looking lava

A little color in a not so colorful part of the park

Thought this tree was neat...not sure why

We climbed to the top of this 160' tall pile of cinders...

and were rewarded with this view

The first half of Friday’s drive was perfect. Great weather, we found the ever elusive tailwind, little traffic and smooth roads. Then we hung a right at Idaho Falls and the lovely tailwind became a brutal crosswind as we headed west to our home for just one night in Arco, Idaho.

Arco’s claim to fame? In the 1950’s it was the first town in the world to get it’s electricity from nuclear power. Apparently, and as evidenced by the massive Idaho National Labs complex that we passed through, this area is big into nuclear research and has been since, well, the 1950’s. Other than that historical high point, the town looks like so many small towns in the western U.S. A dusty, wide spot in the road with very little to offer as far as work – unless you are in the nuke biz – and more boarded up businesses than open ones and not much to be seen or done. But the campground is OK and that is all we need tonight.

We parked and after a little snack, headed about 20 miles southwest of town to wander through the Craters of the Moon National Monument. It is made up of different examples of lava flows and was moderately interesting, but the NPS website can do a whole lot better job of describing it than I can https://www.nps.gov/crmo/index.htm because it’s late and I just don’t want to do it.

We managed to spend a couple hours there, then headed back to Atomicville for a few provisions, then back to the house. The next 2 days are long drive days so don’t expect much in the way of riveting travel essays. I’ve been hitting you pretty hard the last couple days with updates so I think I’ll ease up for a bit. We are headed to Oakland for the last ballpark...hopefully next Tuesday...so we gotta push onward.

Saturday started off with a terrible phone call. We learned that friends of ours, and followers of the blog, lost a son in a car crash early this morning. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jim, Connie and Ryan and the rest of the family at this horrible time and we can’t imagine how difficult it must be. Today was another not so subtle reminder that many of us are just a phone call away from a life changing event and that tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Needles to say, today was a pretty somber drive day. We made it from Arco to our overnight home in Elko, Nevada without any issues and tomorrow morning we will head to Verdi just west of Reno for another one-nighter before we land in Petaluma, California sometime Monday for a couple days. If I were you I wouldn’t expect another update till sometime mid-Petaluma. Unless...

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