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Motoko lying at the new screen door. Not our best work but...

On July 12 we went to Willgoose Woodworks to pick out a...

This shows the lovely burls through it.

The trusses arrived on July 14. They are all numbered according to...













This is the completed mantel. Sanded many times and coated with beeswax.



We discovered horsetails coming up in the fill under the deck. Had...

It took two weeks to put all the trusses in places. This...

Vaulted ceiling in the living room

This is a complicated part looking toward the garage



Motoko found a cardboard box near the front door and fell in...

The start of the Rod Run on Friday August 5. This is...

We sat again by the school near some friends.


Nearly 500 cars participated!


This shows the whole of Cowrie Street lined with cars for the...


This car is for sale by the local TELUS dealer.

Electrician Jordan and his girlfriend Tracey

The roofers were hard at it on the August 8 and 9

The hot tub was ready soon after and we had it delivered...

Hot tub in place


Beams and joists on the deck.

Aaron and Sofia working very hard on the 13th. They stained the...


Aaron painting the beam above the front door.



Aaron and Sofia put in a lot of work.


The windows arrived on August 15.




Fortunately Vinyltek brought quite a few guys.They were very helpful with putting...

The window fit like a glove - a tribute to both our...


The electrical box with all the wires coming to it.

East side windows

North (water) side

Front entrance

West side

Kelly building beams for the deck

Kelly and Donny putting up a sheet of drywall prior to the...

Jordan tying in all the wires.

Living room

Garage door installation complete and lockup!

It's been a while since we made an entry. It's been busy times. From July 7 to August 19 a lot has happened, resulting finally in lock-up. We have windows, a garage door and a temporary front door. We've had our usual problems - sometimes it feels like we're jinxed - but we have been able to work through them.

The trusses arrived and for the most part went on quite easily. There were a few toward the end and right in the middle that were a little difficult. It took two weeks to get them all in place. We discovered horsetails - those nasty prehistoric weeds - were coming up in the fill that had been brought in for under the deck. We got right on it because we needed to get moving with the deck. We went to Gibsons and got a big roll of top quality landscape fabric and then had a load of crusher dust delivered. Kelly and Maureen spent a full day laying fabric and shoveling crush. It looks good and probably a good thing to have had happen.

Larry and Maureen found a beautiful piece of maple for a live edge mantel at Steve Willgoose Woodworking. He sanded it beautifully and waxed it with beeswax.

When the plumbers were there, they were about to put in the combo tub/shower in the main bathroom when they discovered the tub was only 5 feet, the space is 5 foot 6! We thought of putting a bit of a wall at the end to compensate but Rob said it would take him most of a full day to do that. So Larry got on the phone and the lady at Emco worked it out for us - hard to say whose error it was - hers when she read the plan, ours when we double-checked the order so she let us return the old tub and has ordered another one.

The electrical went in quite smoothly - with a few glitches. The LED pot lights outside were new and had to be blocked and have a frame purchased for them. The vapour bags we bought for the inside pot lights were 18" wide and the trusses are 24" apart so Larry had to get different ones locally. We've known Jordan the electrician for years as well as his brother from South Surrey. We were then told that Hydro wouldn't hook up if they had to go over the containers so next week we will have to arrange to have them slid over 20 feet. We have to hire a crane to do that.

Also during this time the hot tub arrived and we had it delivered right away so the deck building could continue. There will be a removable portion of the deck to allow for servicing - our engineer had to mull that over for a while but all was figured out. The garage door was delivered and installed - the opener we had bought from Costco needed to have an extension kit so Larry had to order that. We're waiting for that to arrive. The built-in vacuum installer roughed in the tubing for the system.

Meanwhile for fun we went to the Coasters Rod Run and Show N Shine downtown. That was a lot of fun. Larry and Maureen also went to Vancouver for an overnight and lots of errands. We had a nice dinner with Valerie. AND we sold another condo as well as our lot in Vernon. The value of condos in South Surrey has increased a lot so we didn't lose as much on this one. We have one more to go! Aaron came over for a few days with his newly purchased truck and camper. He also brought his friend Sofia who is from Argentina. They were a huge help getting all the deck boards stained.

A funny thing about this build - the Steve Syndrome. Steve the excavator, Steve the screw pile installer (and Steve his engineer), Steve from Sechelt Glass from whom we will be buying the ensuite shower door, Steve the woodworker for the live mantel, and Steve the guy who owns the porta potty company!

Next up is siding, insulation, drywall, painting and finishing. Fun times!

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