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A kind of strange memorial to the Chinese miners

A statue of Cook near the landing place

The plaque reads"This cairn marks the spot where Captain James Cook beached...

A contemporary drawing on one of the information boards

Cook's landing spot from the river

The Endeavour River from Grassy Hill

Cooktown from Grassy Hill

The view from the top of Grassy Hill although you can't see...

A quote from Cook's journal

A aerial view of Grassy Hill showing the wonderful Rainbow Serpent pathways

The weather seems to be stuck in the same pattern this week – showers overnight & in the morning then clearing about lunch-time to a clear sunny afternoon with a top temperature of about 30C.

After the weather cleared today, I did some local sightseeing around Cooktown.

I’d seen it all before but I still enjoyed following in Cook’s footsteps which is easy to do because there are information signs all over town with quotes from Cook’s & Joseph Banks’ journals. Their 6 weeks here in 1770 repairing the Endeavour after running onto the Barrier Reef was the longest they spent on land anywhere on that journey so they recorded lots of new things.

It was the first time they’d seen kangaroos (which Banks recorded were quite delicious) & their first contact with the locals which was a bit hit & miss. The Aborigines were pleased when Cook gave them some fish but got quite belligerent when the British sailors wouldn’t share a turtle they’d caught.

I drove to the top of Grassy Hill where Cook spent many days studying the reefs & working out how he was going to get out of here. The water was calm today & the tide low so you could see the maze of reefs & sandbars he was confronted with. He finally worked it out though & went happily on his way back to England.

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