Alaska...Again 2016 travel blog

Day 50. Garden City RV Park. Washed RV......sort of. Couldn't get both sides of RV with brush...sort of just wet it down to get most of the construction mud off. Then went down to the ferry terminal to wait. Had to be there 2 hours before departure. We were one of the first to arrive and almost the last to board. The crew really helps direct you. The ride was a little over an hour. We were one of the first to depart. Had to back up around a corner and then head out. They very carefully directed us. Then we got a thumbs up from other cars and crew. Campground is usual..large parking lot. A lot of permanent RV's around perimeter...not too lovely, but center seems to be reserved for us touristas. It was after 5:00 when we got settled, so it was wine time. Tomorrow is for sightseeing. It's a really pretty town.

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