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Sarah Palin Cup

Nope not Tina Fey

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

Four Ships in Port-Panoramic

Another delayed entry. Margie found two coffee cups in the warehouse that had broken handles.

My mother would be so proud to know that I glued them both back together and am now using one for my morning coffee.

I should have taken pictures before I glued them.

The pictures are all of the same cup. There are four different pictures on them.


I don’t know if I mentioned any of this before, but when I sold my house I was told that as part of the closing costs I would need to include an amount for the Metropolitan Sewer District. I questioned the amount because it was more than the bill I had just received. I was told what I thought it might have been, that it was for a partial month that would be due by the time of closing. I still was concerned that it wasn’t necessary since I had just received the bill, but I sent it anyway. So, sure enough I checked my MSD account after the closing and had a $10.35 credit showing too much had been paid, as I thought. I contacted MSD about getting that amount sent to me. I was told that even though it was my account, since the title company paid it they would have to request it and then they could send it to me. So, I advised the title company of this and they said they would take care of it. In the process of this my mailing address at MSD had gotten changed to the title company’s address and they were advised that what I had been told was wrong. Other misinformation was passed back and forth also, but in the long run the title Company finally got the check from MSD in my name. However, the person I was dealing with was on vacation by the time it was received. So, it sat in their office until she returned, so she could send it to me. I finally received the check today and thanks to modern technology, was able to deposit it into my bank account about 3000 miles from here with the app on my phone. So, hopefully the house sale and all the things to go with it are through and it is entirely done. That was the last loose end as far as I know.


I took a panoramic picture of the four ships in port today.

Margie came to the store and said she was going across the street to the place where we have to get ferry tickets to go to Juneau. I told her that if it was just across the street I could take a 10 minute break and go with her. So, we went and got tickets for this Saturday.

I decided today that I want to be a judge, or anyone who uses a gavel. I knew we had an ivory gavel in one of the display cases, but I didn’t know, until today that the handle was made of an oosik. (Surely you remember what that is)

Man it has taken a while but the trickle charger is finally indicating that the batteries are at 80% of charge this evening. At least I know it’s working, I guess.

The shore power, as it is called, from the pole outside charges the three house batteries but it does not charge the two engine batteries. Everything charges the house batteries. Shore power, solar panels, and even the alternator when the engine is running. However, only the alternator charges the engine batteries.

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