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The set up at Camp Jasper RV

Stuck in the middle!

Laundry, Wash Room and Pool at Camp Jasper

My new mat bought in Savannah

I love my new Winnebago Travato! It drives great...I sit up high, great side mirrors and back up camera, good turn radius, and is quiet for an RV...more importantly, my dogs are riding in style! Driving the RV is the easy part. Going from point to point, it is absolutely the best vehicle to drive.

I have, however, encountered some issues with the RV...mainly in the hook up for overnights. Here is a taste of what I have experienced with Gypsy Red...

- The tv was making a horrible noise while driving. Mom and Ang put a bungee over it, and voila! No more noise.

Thought it best to do a "dry run" before I tried an overnight by myself, so Glynie and I headed to the Onalaska KOA and found it was quite challenging for me...

- The electrical cord/plug provided me by Camping World didn't fit the Travato ($50 later, I have an adapter for the cord!!!)

- I hooked up the water. All good until I went into the RV to see how it worked and water was going everywhere!!! The sink faucet head was tight and fell off.

- The water must have blown a fuse cause after not being able to turn anything on, Glynie checked and the breaker was blown.

- While testing everything, I tried to shut the screen door and pulled it out of the track. Glynie fixed it with a screwdriver.

So, after that successful run, I head to Nashville and attempt my first overnight by myself in Manchester, Tennessee. Thank goodness for next door neighbor, Mike, from San Antonio and his wife. He informed me I didn't have the right set up for my sewer hose (told me what to buy at good ole Wally Mart), but found a way to set it up for me anyway until I could get the right connector.

After visiting Charleston, I headed to Savannah and stopped at the Camp Jasper in Hardeville, just outside of Savannah. All went well with the hook up. Even though the RV camp had a very nice washroom and shower, I decided it was time I tested my shower. I figured out how to turn the hot water on. YES! SUCCESS finally!

I started showering and was very happy with the hot water and water pressure. I just lathered up when I noticed water standing in the bottom of the shower (yes, the shower drain was on), and water was also standing in the sink. Oops...the tank must be full. robe and I have body wash all over me.

So, I grab my towel and house shoes and pray my neighbors aren't looking, as I run outside, open the gray waste tank, then push the gray tank drain button. I empty it and run back inside (still just in a towel). The sink emptied, but not the shower. So, I dry myself, and keep the shower drain button on, hoping it will drain. Two hours later, I turn off the shower drain button and go to bed. In the morning, I try again, and it all drains!

Now, it is time to pack everything up to go into Savannah for the day. Electrical? No problem. Water? No problem? Sewer? OMG...the hose falls out of the connector right at the RV dump hole. Water and my toilet paper go everywhere (thank goodness I only used it a few times and only for the runny kind!!!). I have to pick the toilet paper up with my hands to put it in the dump hole. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An 1 1/2 hours later, I have finished unhooking and packing up everything. I double check all connections before I pull out and am satisfied. I start to drive out of my slot, move a few feet and notice something in my passenger side mirror. My awning and legs and still out!!!

A hotel is sounding pretty good about now, but I came back for more tonight. Once again, the hook up back at the RV campsite went well and fast. We shall see how it goes tomorrow morning when I try to unhook and pack everything up...

>As I was driving out of the RV campsite today (yes, at 11:00 a.m.), I turned on my IPod in shuffle mode. The first song was End of the World by Anne Murray. The second song? End of the World my Skeeter Davis. My first thought was, I did not realize I had this same song on here twice. My second thought? Someone trying to tell me something?????

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