Shirley's Trip to Queensland 2016 travel blog

Sunrise at Seisia

This is pretty much it for Seisia except for a caravan park...

Part of our track to the tip of Cape York

Finally at the northern-most point

On the way back to the parking lot

The view on the way back

This DC3 ran out of fuel just 1 kilometre from the Bamaga...

The Trinity Bay leaving Seisia for the return journey to Cairns

Had a very early start so the alarm was set for 5:30am. Had the bonus of a beautiful sunrise before we set off by bus from Seisia to the tip of Cape York, the northernmost point on the Australian continent. The 50 km trip from Seisia on a rough dirt road reinforced that my decision to fly back to Cairns instead of a 10 day trip by 4WD was the right one for me. (The ship was full for the return journey so I could only get a one-way passage.)

From the end of the road, we had a fairly rough scramble over a rocky hillside to get to the tip where there’s a convenient sign. We all took the mandatory photos & were safely back at the bus having morning tea when the rain started bucketing down. Although this area gets 3 metres of rain a year, this is the dry season & it shouldn’t rain but there have been showers about for the last few days.

We came back through Bamaga which is the largest settlement in this area. It even has a store & a petrol station plus an airport.

During WW2, the Horn Island runway was built for the Australian planes but wasn’t long enough for the big US bombers. They were unsuccessful in expanding it so built a 2nd airbase on the mainland at Bamaga. Currently Qantas has 3 flights a day from Horn Island to Cairns & Rex runs 2 flights a day from Bamaga to Cairns.

We got back to the ship just before noon & I had the opportunity to change & have lunch before the ship left for its return voyage. Then I had the first & only hiccup of the trip. The company had organised for one of the staff in the Seisia office to drive me the 10km to the airport at Bamaga. There was no one around when I got to the office then one of the workmen in the yard told me that the office girl was actually in Cairns.

There’s no taxis & he couldn’t leave the yard but he eventually organised with the Resort in Bamaga to pick me up when they dropped some of their guests off for the Seisia to Thursday Island ferry.

Everything up here happens on island time & I had an anxious couple of hours because the ferry left at 4:00pm & my flight from Bamaga was at 4:40pm. However, it all worked out although I was one of the last passengers to check in.

Unfortunately it was pouring with rain again when the flight took off so I didn’t get to see anything on the flight back to Cairns which was disappointing. I had a window seat but the engine & the wing were in the way so had no view at all, even coming into Cairns.

No problems getting a taxi back to the caravan park & everything was safe & sound. After all the big meals over the last 3 days, I wasn’t interested in dinner & after very little sleep & a busy day I wasn’t far off bed.

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