North OR South? Aug 2016 travel blog

this is why the park's so busy presumably

looking back towards Urangun early evening

Saturday 13th Aug - quiet day and shop browsing

Today we took the time to visit our old neighbours from Violet St days. [You’re right - the neighbours aren’t old, it’s the relationship that goes back 30 years]. First off we had morning tea with Anna, and then went to visit husband John who is in a care facility.

This afternoon we went shopping - well actually that should read “looking” because we didn’t buy much. Much to the consternation of David and Ron the girls spent sooooo loooong in the last store that the much-mentioned “we’ll go for coffee” never materialised because the coffee shop closed. Was it a ploy? Have the girls been colluding? Are they trying to wean us off it? 
No way - we came back to the RnJ van and fired up the pod machine.

Pity we forgot that the festival fireworks were on at 7:30 - we could have walked down to the beach front and watched from there, even if they were 8km away at Urangun. Reports said they looked fantastic.

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