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The rain in Valdez was getting to us so we decided to move on. I decided on Kenny Lake as Church's said it was a good place to leave your RV if you wanted to drive to Kennicott/McCarthy which is deep into the Wrangell/St Elias NP. The campground here is a glorified parking lot if you want to use electricity and the dump. The people who pulled in next to us while we were out sight seeing pulled so close it was claustrophobic.

We went on a ride after we set up camp, decided to take a look at the world famous Copper River. We were told that there was an area where there was fish wheels and dip netting taking place. We drove out there and found out that pretty much nothing was going on. They were waiting for the salmon to come in. Seems like the fish are not on schedule this year due to the hot weather and then all the rain. The rivers are pretty much at flood level.

Being that this didn't work out, I decided to check out the road to Kennicott/McCarthy. At the beginning of the road there are warnings about road conditions, railroad spikes that may be in the road bed, etc. As we drove down the road, which rings a mountain side, there were several small slides with debris in the road. When we got to the slide that took up about half of the mountain side of the road, and there was a sharp drop off on the other side with no guard rail, my anxiety took over. Glenn talked me through it and I was able to turn around and drive back down the mountain. Suddenly, my desire to check out this area disappeared. The campground recommended that we take the daily shuttle, as the drivers are used to this road. Still don't know if I want to subject myself to this trip. 3 hours in a shuttle van driving on a partially washed out mountain road doesn't sound like much fun to me.

The lakes, waterfalls and mountain in this area are absolutely breathtaking. And I found a Yak farm which I have to check out tomorrow. Tomorrow is also the date of the Kenny Lake Fair, let the games begin.

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