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Eating at Juanita Greenberg's Nacho Royale

Eating at Fuel

Enjoying the patio at Fuel

One more sweet potato fry please!

Our rental in the French Quarter of Charleston

Today is our last day in Charleston. It is a great port city with many historic mansions, great parks and trails, and many beaches (although we didn't get to play on these due to dog limitations during peak season!). And, of course, good food and drinks (yes, that I DID partake in)!

My impression of Charleston?? Well, maybe it was the area in which I stayed (much younger crowd than you see at KOA's), but I found it difficult to converse with the locals. No, I don't consider myself very social (or I wouldn't be traveling around by myself with just dogs!), but most of you will admit I typically manage to find a way to engage those around me in some type of conversation (unless I'm on a plane...don't talk to me then, please!).

We went to the awesome county park where dogs could run free on the sandy beach and lake. I was the only one engaging with the dogs as the other "parents" stayed to themselves away from the action. I ate at a trendy bar and couldn't even get the bartender to engage in conversation (he was very interested in the young girl near me though). I had to take selfies because I couldn't even get someone to stop long enough to snap a photo for me and the pups. We visited coffee shops, and dog friendly restaurants, and were sat far from the other patrons.

Since I wasn't talking (you didn't even know there was such a time, huh?), I watched as this younger generation spent all of their leisure time on their phones. Not conversing with each other...just their phones. I love my Apple stock, don't get me wrong, but I have to wonder about the long term effect of all this technology. And yes, I would die if you took away my iPhone!

Then, we went to eat at Fuel last night and all hope was restored. The outside patio was awesome...very shaded and cool with all the fans. They sat us right in the middle of everyone else...and immediately brought a dog bowl of water for the pups. One table was 4 girls in their 20's. They all looked up from their phones long enough to tell me how cute my dogs were (20 seconds at most). Then, there was a table of a lady in her 50's and her son.

We talked while they finished eating...she has 3 dogs and wants an RV. He took our picture for us. I loved it! Oh yeah, the Painkiller drink was fabulous and the pulled pork tacos were excellent.

Glad I got to visit Charleston...lovely city. See ya in my rear view mirror...

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