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Lake Alford lunch spot

lunch at Lake Alford N

"any leftovers"

"experts" on the filleting job

trying to dodge the side spines near the tail

D n H enjoying fish

R n J likewise

Wednesday 10th Aug - DEPART - Arana Hills to Hervey Bay

We made it. Ready for the day.

Got away 10:30 and linked up with David and Heather at Bald Hills.

Gympie ‘duck ponds’ (Lake Alford Park) at 12:30 so we could share lunch with the ducks, ibis, geese, water hen and swans. Couldn’t say we lack for company.

Ron’s found that his knee has a limit of about 1 and half hours before it starts to send signals like - 'are we there yet', ‘can we stop now’, ‘when’s morning tea’, 'don't you need to stop to go to the loo', 'can I have a bit of exercise pleeaase'.

Back on the road and on to Hervey bay arriving about 3:45. That’s right for all you caravanners who just said it - AFTERNOON CUPPA TIME on sites 172 and 174.

Lazed away the afternoon and were about to go for a walk when a caravan neighbour came calling - “Like some trevally fish for tea?” Great. Fantastic. Only catch was that Ron and David had to fillet them. No problems. Experts from wa-a-a-y back. Ron can’t remember when he last filleted a fish - probably when Jim Kelly (Jan’s dad) took him fishing in the 1980’s and they caught a creel full of winter whiting off Scarborough. David can’t remember either when he last filleted a fish ‘cause he always let his mum do it (back before he was married).

Our neighbour had been here for a while from Melbourne. Fished each day for the last 4 days and today - their LAST DAY - they caught an esky full and ended up giving them all away as they had no freezer space and little frig space in their small “slip-on” camper which was off the truck tray and lowered down. The fish was yummy thanks Mick and Michelle. One fish was enough for each couple so the four fish will do us two nights.

Bed 9:30 - exhausted again - but very satisfied to be away at last.

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