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North AND_OR South? - Where will we go?

Friday 5th August - “the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry” adapted from “To a Mouse” by Robert Burns

So, its only a week to go before we leave on the much talked about caravanning trip with our friends Ron and Hazel. You may remember we didn’t go last year because Ron drove a stake into his hand while mowing and we had to delay a couple of weeks to allow for healing and checkups. We ended up going around SE Qld instead and had a great trip. That was Aug Sept 2015.

Now here we are repeating the planning of a trip to Flinders Ranges SA for Aug Sep 2016. We hope to be away 8 weeks. We have to be back for the NCC Yr12 Formal for grand-daughter Sharla and Joe Kondo (John and Kaye’s Japanese student boarder from Yr10 to Yr12).

…… BUT …….

We always wondered whether Ron’s knee would be up to a caravanning trip, however it has been steadily improving following knee replacement surgery last February, so we expect it to be fine, or at least manageable. Ron says, “It better be, - - or else.”

……. BUT NOW ……..

We’ve found out that Hazel’s problem (over the last couple of weeks) with labyrinthitis is not going away any time soon and they now cannot leave on Wed 10th Aug as planned; Hazel is to have physiotherapy over the next two weeks and RonP has a checkup to be attended to also. If all goes well with Hazel’s treatment we will reconsider in a fortnight (or longer if necessary) our itinerary to see if we can still head south for Flinders in the available time left. Hazel says “it better be, - - or else.”

Not sure what that “or else” means.

“Ready, Set, …..[pause], …..stay, STOP” (Does that happen in the Olympics?)

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