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The Citadel

Ft. Sumter statue on the Waterfront

The Citadel

Ossy finding a cool place to sleep under the table

Presley finally resting

Parallel parking in Gypsy Red

Hiking with the doggies has always been relatively easy. Even traveling with them, thanks to La Quinta, has been pretty painless. But, when you travel with the dogs full time, it presents more of a challenge.

Charleston was a great choice to test out my ability to see the things I want to see, but do it with 2 big dogs with me at all times. Charleston has to be one of the best dog cities in the U.S. So, far, there is only one thing I wanted to do and was unable to...gelato!

We were driving in Gypsy Red today down on the Waterfront and I had not eaten anything today. I wanted some gelato and saw a shop. It looked awesome. First issue? Couldn't find a parking space for Gypsy Red (the parking garage height was 6' 7" and Gypsy is 9'1"). Second, even if I found a parking spot, there is a noise ordinance and the generator (needed to provide the necessary air for the pups) is too loud.

BUT, thank you "Bring Fido" app! Tonight, we shall test dining at a Tex Mex place that is dog friendly, and a short distance away is a dog friendly gelato spot. Yes, I love my life!

As for the dogs...well, I wonder what they must be thinking about all this. After being gone from what they may deem as "home" (San Ramon), I'm imaging something like this...

Ossy: Mommy, as long as you have a ball/frisbee, food and treats (don't forget pizza night on Friday's), I will go anywhere with you and love every minute of it.

Presley: I can't eat. I can't poop. Noises bother me. When are we going home? Mommy, do we even have a home?? I can't take it anymore!!!!

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