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Tracker again

Karen and Bonneville Dam

Karen and lamprey eels

Karen and turbines

Last night when we were leaving to town for supper I reached down and gave the Tracker tow bar a good tug and to my dismay it was loose again. So this morning I took off in search of a mechanic. I stopped at a shop that put me in touch with a retired guy, Ed, who works out of his garage occasionally. He looked the job over and wasn't too thrilled about all of the bodywork that had to be removed just to get to bolts. But we tore into it and had it done in a couple of hours. He even put a weld on each of the bolts for me. He said to call him if the repair didn't hold. Haha. Thanks Ed.

We headed south and east around noon and stopped at the Bonneville Dam. It is a lock and dam and a power generating plant.

It was more than very interesting. They had an under viewing area for the fish ladder. Karen posed with the lamprey eels, they were cool with their mouths suctioned to the glass of the observation window. Ha.

Then we took a park ranger led tour of the power plant. Overall a great deal more than we thought it would be. A great day again!

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