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A very hot day so we decided we would head up a mountain. We decided to drive up the Kandersteg valley and use one of the many cable cars there. When we got to Kandersteg the carpark for the Oeschinensee was totally full and they were parking cars on the side of the road. Going to the next one at the end of the valley the situation was the same. Must be a Sunday and all the Swiss are out. We stopped and had a walk around the village and refreshments at a lovely konditorie with views of the mountains. It was really hot.

We then drove back down thee valley and headed up the other arm to Adelboden. We had given up the idea of going up the mountains but enjoyed a gentle walk (it was too hot for anything strenuous) along a path with views. We also found a gentle walk to the Engstiigen waterfall which we had seen across the valley, on our first walk.

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