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PBY-5a Canso Waterbomber

Lougheed Hudson Bomber

CF-101 Voodoo

Beechcraft 18-s

PBY-5a Canso Waterbomber

NAAM - wiew from our doorstep

NAAM - wiew from our doorstep

Aug 9 - Gander - Aviation Museum + Pokemom?

We are guest of Harvest Host's at the Museum

North Alantic Aviation Museum.

Originaly built back in mid 1930's.

This is where the first WW2 transalantic flight flew from Gandder to "ferry" the bombers over to England in WWII.

The RCAF used civilian airment to fly the planes over.

Toured around town and the airport.

Remember 911, 38 planes, 6300 passengers were ground here for days. The town residents provided beds, sandwiches, meals for all passenger.

The Striking buss drivers came back to work,to transport tourists, the whole community were amazing with open hearts and homes.

We are parking at the North Alantic Aviation Museum as an invited guest through Harvest Hosts.

The four planes outside are the Lougheed Hudson Bomber, PBY-5a Canso Waterbomber (Catalina), CF-101 Voodoo, Beechcraft 18-s, and De Havilland Tiger Moth.

There has been so much more history here with the Airport, The RCAF Ferry Command, Telegraghers who relayed messages during WWII, to name a few. It is noisy place here, with the TCH, and cars coming in and out of the parking lot.

Were they here for better reception?, like when we were kids listening to radio at night. or Pokemon.

As it turns out this is one of the issues with the Game, sacred, historical sites are compromised.

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