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The stone bridge over Little Crystal Creek

The sunny side of the bridge which took 2 years to build...

The amazing view from McClelland's Lookout which was the site of a...

Read in my old 2006 story that I started to drive up the hill to Paluma but turned back halfway. I can’t remember why but decided to pack a lunch again & do that drive today. It's the southern gateway to the Wet Tropics World Heritage site & part of the Paluma Range National Park so worth visiting.

The 18 km road was very steep, winding & narrow – about the same as the one to Wallaman but maybe a bit narrower. The road was built by pick & shovel during the depression of the 1930s as a work project for the unemployed, with 2 tractors & a truck the only mechanical aids.

Stopped at Little Crystal Creek to see the stone arch bridge across the creek, which took 2 years to build & was quite impressive although I couldn’t get a good photo of the side the sun was on.

Just before Paluma which is 1,000 metres above sea level, McClelland’s Lookout had a fantastic view along the coast forever. It was used by the Americans then the Australians during WW2 as a Radar lookout & you could see why it was such a fantastic site.

Paluma is pretty much a collection of B&Bs among the rainforest so I had lunch then came back to the Frosty Mango for another ice-cream.

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