Willmanns to Alaska 2016 travel blog




Although Hyder, Alaska and Stewart, BC are side by side when you pass from the US to Canada you have to go through customs. Now when you pass from Canada to the US there is no US customs, I believe it is the only border of the US where that is the case. So through customs we went to Stewart to wash the Tracker, go to the grocery store and go to the museum in town. The museum was $6 each and was pretty interesting. The highlight of the day was again a trip to the observation boardwalk to wait on the bears to come fishing. We were later today getting there and a bear was already going upstream fishing and eating his catch. This place is so cool, and exceeded our expectations on what we were to see. The hundreds of salmon and seeing the bears so close, less than 20 feet at times, was fantastic! After that we drove out to the end of the road into Hyder bay for a look around.

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