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Grave and Memorial Jeannie Gunn

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Rock Art


Bush walk Nourlangie

Yellow Waters Wetlands

South Alligator River

Big Fella Croc



Water Lily

Sunset over Yellow Waters

From Ubirr Rock

From Ubirr Rock

Rock art

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The road

A Rock

More Rock Art

Aborigine housing

Aborigine painting

Up Close

Lunch spot, how beautiful is this

Hi All,

Heading out of Katherine we took a stop (for the more mature in age Australians) at the grave site and memorial to Jeannie Gunn and her husband, Jeannie being famous for the book We of the Never Never. From there the road took us to Kakadu an area of land “that covers an amazing 20,000 square kilometres of land and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List in recognition of both its outstanding natural values and as a living cultural landscape. Aboriginal people have inhabited Kakadu continuously for more than 50,000 years tracing back in time to before the ice age”.

Our arrival welcome was to be a small stray stone bang on the windscreen with the ensuing hole and crack, luckily we carry a repair kit and it appears we have been able to save the screen. For our stay in Kakadu we stayed for 3 nights in Cooinda, a campground in the south of the park and 2 nights at Jabiru located in the north east.

During our stay we did 2 Yellow Waters Eco cruises, a beautiful billabong off the South Alligator River, one cruise in the day and 1 cruise for sunset, the birdlife on the billabong was just amazing as well as hundreds of crocs. We went to the Nourlangie aboriginal rock art sights and did a good solid walk, visited and climbed Ubirr Rock for some great wetland views and more rock art, we explored several camp grounds and we took a 4WD bus trip into Arnhem Land where you can only go with a permit and visited more rock art sights as well as an Aboriginal settlement called Oenpelli where we visited a local art gallery, and saw some traditional aboriginal works being done. Amazing how it is done.

The imposing escarpment of the Arnhem Land plateau above the billabongs was just beautiful, some of the best country that we have ever seen and luckily for us was where we had lunch, the water looked so inviting however due to some large big grey bitie things that make lovely handbags swimming was not an option.

We took a lot of photos we mean a lot of photos 167 in fact just in Kakadu but who cares we will never show them all to you. Kakadu is an amazing part of this country and we felt well worth the 5 days we had there, we could have had longer. So now in Darwin for restock, catch up some things to be done and prepare for the next sector to Kununurra and Broome, both in Western Australia. Also we must advise you that for those of you in the cold southern states our day temperatures up here in the top end are average 20 – 35 every day…..Oops sorry about that.

So the adventure continues

Love and best wishes

Mum and Dad,

GM and GD

UM and AA

Anne and Marco

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