First visit to El Gouna (Egypt ) and then onto Kenya travel blog

The group ready for our bus trip. Minus me.. the photographer Just...

Passed crazy number of Christian churches of all sorts of denominations. And...

Goods displayed

More goods on display

Didn't take a lot of street side shops or houses. Gawky tourists!!

Carrying the water. With all the dirt and dust I don't know...

Iron roof

These houses were rare. Lots of huts with brush, or corrugated iron...

Railway between nairobi and mombasa being built by Chinese.

Road convenient place for movement of cattle and goats

Side of bridge road collapsed

Return trip refreshment stop before hitting our 'short cut'

It's ok if you're a male. We women had to hold on!...

We had decided on a safari that required driving. It was admittedly cheaper but we also thought we would like to see more of the villages and countryside. First day set off at 7 (ish!) Got to the gate to east Kosovo national mark around midday. To the lodge at 2.30. lunch over but they still fed us.

Mark works with Muslims and Christians. Muslims wonder why Christians don't have more wives. It would stop them having affairs. Muslims also wonder why there are so many different Christian religions. Every time a new American evangelist comes to town there is a different new sect. Both wonder how mark can say he has no religion.

Every village had a school, often church one. Happy children in school uniforms. Road side shops. Very very poor, low roofed houses.

It seemed most did not have running water

With all the dirt and dust I don't know how clothes and people were clean. But they were.

There were occasional isolated better houses and sometimes what looked like a 'landowner'or maybe a managers estate. Couldn't find a photo of them..would have been mainly gates!

Wide variety of countryside. Jungle near coast to savannah inland.

When we hit the Highway we expected better roads! They were upgrading the road by having a stretch being raised and bituminised. That left narrow by pass for traffic both ways. Loads of trucks on the road

This line is expected to reduce number of trucks on the Highway by 45-65%. Travellers won't notice the difference! Take 80% off and it would still be loads of trucks. They were not quite headlights to tailgates, but seldom big gaps, most of the way. Any fractional gap would be immediately filled. Hairy! Especially as there was usually a vehicle coming in the other direction.

We saw trucks jackknifed off the road and a few that had obviously collided. Some getting roadside attention from driver and co-drivers.

The first 3.5 hours was a short cut. Distance but not time. And the traffic not so bad. (The reason for taking this route was to avoid even heavier traffic closer to mombasa). There were more motorbikes and animals on the short cut. And it was jolty. Chris in the front passenger seat reported driver expertise at missing potholes.s o it could have been worse.

After the event, the stiffness and sore tail bone were worth it. During the long drives we were beginning to wonder. While on safari there were breaks from after lunch till 4.00 otherwise full on 6.30 breakfast to 7.30 tea.

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