My 2016 Summer Vacation Road Trip travel blog

Aunt Ruth and her grandson, (my cousin) Cooper visiting.

George and Cooper eating lunch. Yum

This was handed out on Saturday. I guess there will be no...

We all got a laugh with this one.

This house, across from my aunt', is being built.

The workers are amazing. The bricks are all straight.

The puzzle my aunt and I are putting together. She loves doing...

This is where we saw bunnies running around, chipmunks, and deer.

At the local grocery store, they had put in a childern's play...

They also had a cleaners in the grocery store along with Ticketmaster....

I can't believe it has been a month since I arrived here in Pittsburgh. My aunt and I watched the San Francisco Giants beat the Pittsburgh Pirates three out of four games the first week I was here. My aunt wasn't too happy with that but I loved it. That was fun to watch with her. LOL

I got to go spend time at my cousin's family cottage by the Allegany River. Got to go kayaking for the first time. Nancy and I floated down the river just relaxing and looking at the hills and luscious trees all around. And even our dinner of hamburgers and hot dogs even tasted better at the cottage. Nancy and I went and watched the fireworks on Sunday, July 3rd, down at the local grocery store. That was fun. We were able to spend a few days there just chilling, reading, watching the rain come down, and doing one of my aunt's favorite passions, putting together puzzles.

Also got a chance to spend some time with my brother's family. Haven't seen any of them in several years. The kids have grown up so much. Andy, my nephew, is at least six feet tall and is only 15 years old. He still has some growing to do. My other two nieces are so sweet and funny. My sister-in-law and I just laughed when we had our toes done. Loved spending time with them all. I don't get enough time with my brother and his family living across the country from each other. Got to meet cousins that I hadn't had a chance to meet before. Loved that.

Still planning on doing and seeing things while I am here. Next week, I plan to go to the Amish country, up near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Going to spend a few days there exploring. Can't wait to try the cuisine, meeting some of the locals, and hopefully getting one or two things that the Amish are known for.

Well until next time. Hope you are enjoying my blogs. I do love sharing things with you.

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