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Fire on the mountain

Our cruise ship

On Fox Island

Fox Island

Cruise ship in port @ Steward

My hiking buddy

Nature Center

Where the glacier was in 2005

The glacier in 1951

We left Steward early this morning. Good thing, because there is a fire along the road about 40 miles south of Anchorage. They only had one lane open, and we had to wait about a hour to get by. Later we heard it was backed up to a 3 - 4 hour wait.

While in Steward we drove out to Exit Glacier and did a hike up a trail to the edge of the glacier. It was very interesting as they had placed signs alon the way where the glacier was in past years. The signs started several miles down the road, and went toward it. 1890's on up to the latest was 2010. Since 2010 it had shrunk about 50 yards up the mountain. There is a sign at 1951 that was close to a half a mile from the glacier.

Last night we went on a dinner cruise out to Fox Island. It was about a one hour boat ride to an Island with a Resort and Resturant on it. After a dinner of prime rib, and salmon we sailed back and did some wildlife viewing. We saw several Bald Eagles, Harbor Seals, Otters, Mountain Goats, & a Humpback Whale. It was a beautiful day, and evening. The temperature has been low to mid 80's all week. We actually had the AC on yesterday.

It is hard to choose between Homer, and Steward, but they are two of our favorite places. The drive up the Steward and Glenn Highway is also very pretty, with lots of turnouts to overlook.

Tomorrow we will make it to Valdez. Our friends that we met and traveled with for a couple weeks are there and we will get together for HH.

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