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Jordan Pond ... the place of popovers

Patti with her popover

THE Jordan Pond

another view

Eating under the umbellas

House looking over the bay


Lighthouse in the middle of the bay


some flora

another summer cottage

cruise ship


Patti on Sand Beach

the beached whale and body surfers

Sand for just a bit... then rocky coast again

low tide



Thunder hole





Re-make of a picture we had taken in 2007



While we had spent a week at Acadia National Park in 2007, it certainly was worth a return trip. This time we just made a day trip out of it. If you've never been, we certainly recommend more time than that. Things we missed were the off-the-beaten path stuff like the carriage trails and some of the nearby points of interest (Somes Sound, for instance). But we had a good time: first, we had lunch at Jordan Pond which is famous for it popovers. Then we drove the Park Loop where we saw many of the major sites of the rugged Maine coast. Starting with Sand Beach, notworthy because there is sand on the beach, lol. This is uncommon along the Maine coast; it is mostly rocky. This occurred because of an island positioned in the cove that diverted shells to shore. Over time this ended up becoming sand. Another spot of interest is thunder Hole. this is a unique rock formation that gives off a "thunder like" sound as waves enter. the tide was low so, while we heard the thunder, we did not see the impressive spray as the waves crashed in. Lots of great scenery, I'll let you just see the pictures.

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