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Welcome to Vineyard RV Park

HitchHikers all in a row and one Airstream. That's just half of...

Our group picture. Some of us are holding signs with the names...

The original 2008 group

Denny and Alan are the burger flippers

Additions to the burgers

This whole outing is organized around eating

We celebrated Jo's "39th" birthday

After getting set up and greeting new arrivals, Richard, Jamie and I drove to Sacramento to see Lucas play baseball again. It was a good game, their opponent was the best team in the league. They actually led for a while but alas, they lost 9 to 6.

Agenda Day 1: The REWIND began at 5:30 with the official B&B Photo at the Clubhouse on the back of Debbie's truck which once belonged to Richard. We remembered those original folks who couldn't attend by holding signs with their names on them and in the position where they stood before. Debbie's idea.

Then at 6:00 Denny and Alan began flipping burgers and accoutrements were laid out in the clubhouse. A great meal was had by all and a lot of "Do you remember..."'s were said.

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