Alaska...Again 2016 travel blog

Day 18 Triple G RV Park.. Long drive on gravel road, which was actually better than some of the other roads. We drove 285miles of gravel road. They put this stuff on the road to keep the dust down and it sticks to your vehicle like cement. I could hardly see out the back window of the RV. Everything inside was coated with dust.. Majorly. We were just saying that we hadn't seen as much wildlife in the NWT as we'd expected, except dragonflies,horseflies, mosquitos and crows... Then we saw 3 bison. Later we saw 2 separate bison sightings along side the road. One was a herd of about a dozen, with 2 bulls and several babies. I had a feeling with each of the sightings that there were bison in the area, as I started seeing bison poop on the road. Always a good indication. I wonder how that theory will hold up for moose or bear. They have a lot of roadside turnouts up here and in 2 of them they had emergency survival cabins. They also had two areas on the road of extra wide road for emergency aircraft landing. Guess we're a little remote here. They also have what's called 'winter roads' which close around March. These 'roads' cross the rivers or lakes and connect some native villages to towns. In the summer the towns are only accessed by boat or aircraft. This is a nice RV park, we stayed here last time. Some trees. They have an Airstream caravan staying here, but it's been very quiet..Old folks go to bed early and there's no workers staying here. Washed vehicles...stuff came off pretty good. Still sort of dirty, but we have our silver car back, not tan any more.

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