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Drove this section at night to get through LA with less traffic

Tues July 12

Front on Modesto Lodge No. 1282

50 AMP service, with water

Sam, Virginia, and Peanut the Wonder Dog


To the new readers of WhereIsTheAire--We are touring in our 2014 Newmar Mountain Aire--hence the name WhereIsThe Aire. While driving the Aire I always have a camera in my lap. Many times I will take pictures as I drive along. Sometimes I know what it/they are, sometimes I don't. The caption of a photo may say OTFW--that stands for Out The Front Window. OTSW, out the side window, etc. When you read ORI in the text, that means Outdoor Resort Indio, a beautiful RV resort in the California desert, where we live in the Aire from October to May most years.


July 11--We left our home in Lake Forest at 7:30PM figuring traffic through Los Angeles would be much lighter than on Tuesday morning, and we were right. For instance, the drive from home to our store in Studio City, 57 miles one way, takes us two hours in morning rush traffic. This evenings drive, 124 miles, took us 2 hours and 22 minutes.

July 12--After a terrible nights sleep in a very, very busy and noisy rest stop, we drove up Hwy. 99 to Modesto Elks Lodge and are meeting up with friends from ORI-- Sam and Virginia. I prefer Hwy 99 to I-5--less trucks, less cars, and more scenery along the way.

We went out to dinner with a gang--Sam and Virginia, Dick and Donna, Bill and Diane. After dinner, a stop over to Bill and Dianes' house to watch the end of the Baseball All Star Game.

And the adventure continues,


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