Willmanns to Alaska 2016 travel blog

Homade motorhome

Bookkeeper hard at work

From our hike

Our plan was to get to Costco to reprovision. You gotta love Costco, after shopping you can take a break at their diner and have a hotdog and a Coke for $1.49, best deal going!

Plus here in Alaska you can peruse the parking lot for the latest in motorhome design by these guys from the northwoods. Haha.

I caught this picture of my bookkeeper this morning, hard at work as usual!

I forgot to include this picture from our hike the other day, they call those flowers fireweed. They are everywhere. Two days in a row we saw people picking them out of the road ditches. There must be some commercial use for them, we are trying to figure that out. After we got to Wasilla I was looking over the base plate on the Tracker and found it about ready to fall off! Tomorrow will be spent trying to get it repaired.

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