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Tazlina Glacier

Turnagain Arm Waterway


Buffalo shedding their winter coats

One mean buffalo

Bald eagle in tree

Grizzly Bear

Eagle watching for food

Black bear just got fed

Eagle swooping down for food

Cool picture of bald eagle flying

Black bear watching eagle

Eagle squaking because another eagle near by

Great picture of grizzly on rock

Looks like a teddy bear

Wanted to see an Musk Ox (ugly)

Baby Musk Ox (cute)

Face of Musk Ox


Baby Moose with bad antler

A reindeer or a caribou?

Timber Wolf

Turnagain Arm

Bear statue downtown

Another bear downtown

Idirod dog

Alyeska Ski Resort ski lift

View of Girdwood from top

View of Turnagain Arm from Top

Panaramic view from top

Us on the Top of Mt Alyeska Ski Resort

Sign coming into Girdwood

Ship Creek fishermen

We helped him catch his salmon

Bleeding out his salmon

Showing us his catch 18Lb.

Us at Turnagain Arm with the bore tide in the back

Herd of elk after while they are being fed

The road to Anchorage was uneventful except for the Tazlina Glacier.

I was happy to get back to someplace where there was electricity, water, sewer, Wal Mart and a Costco. We stayed at the Golden Nugget RV. We needed a rest to do shopping and laundry so we are going to be here over the 4th of July. We are curious to know what kind of fireworks they were going to have, and at what time of night will we be able to see them.

Anchorage is just another big city, but with its own unique charm. It’s surrounded by the Chugach Mountains and the waters of Cook Inlet. There are tons of hiking and biking trails. You can see moose on the side of the main road and snow still on the mountain tops. It’s a very interesting place and it could be someplace fun to live.

We visited the Information Center and got a thousand books and papers on the area. We saw a couple great movies at the Alaska Center Theater. The best movie was “The Day the Earth Shook” all about the 1962 Alaska 9.2 earthquake. I lived in Seattle during that quake and still remember it. The movie gave me goosebumps and brought back some memories of the earthquake. They have Earthquake Park were you can see trees and rocks that dropped 10 feet because of this earthquake.

We went out to dinner most nights to try the local fare. One restaurant, F-Street Station was outstanding for sea food so we ate there twice. Crab sandwiches. Yummy! Why go somewhere else when we know the food is great! So far we have not had one bad meal on our trip.

We are taking a side trip today to the town of Girdwood on the Seward Highway.

The Seward Highway runs along the Turnagain Arm waterway. There are many beautiful spots to pull over and look at the mountains and water. One place was Beluga Point where we might see bore tides and beluga whales.

Beluga whales are the only all-white whales. The water is shallow here and is perfect for the birthing of beluga whales. They are visible when they breach the water, and they travel in groups of five called pods. They are protected from predators in this narrow channel. Unfortunately we did not see any belugas.

It was low tide, the best time to see bore tides. A bore tide is an abrupt rise of tidal water just after low tide. The water may reach a height of 6 feet and are very dangerous to small craft. You can see the bore tide behind us.We saw a couple people in wet suits surfing the “high” bore tide.

We wanted to get to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, something like our San Diego Wild Animal Park, so that we could get some up-close pictures of native animals. The animals are rehabilitated after they have been injured or stranded from their parent.

Since its summer, most of the animals were shedding their winter coats. They looked pretty nasty with all the extra fur on them.

We saw many ugly buffalo shedding their coats,

ox who are also ugly, except the baby,

a porcupine,

baby moose,

and what we think was a caribou but it said it was a reindeer.

Oh and a timber wolf and some elk.

We saw a mean looking grizzly bear.

We watched as they fed the black bear.

There was a bald eagle sitting in a tree just waiting for the food to be thrown out to the bear. He would then swoop down and try to get the food before the bear did.

The bear was just staring at this eagle.

Graham got some great pictures of the eagle as it swooped down.

Then a second eagle flew in and the first eagle just started screaming his head off. The second eagle flew away.

We walked the 1.5 miles around the park and got some good close ups and some badly needed exercise.

Girdwood is a famous ski area, but today we are coming for the Forest Festival in town. Driving through the “Hippie” village we decided not to go to the festival, with the other 9,000 people, but to continue on to the Alyeska Ski Resort .

The ski lift took us 3,939 feet to the top of Mt. Alyeska.

Part of the mountain was in the clouds, but the panoramic views of the Turnagain Arm and Chugach Mountains were amazing. We could also see the town of Girdwood.

We were right next door to a glacier but how do you take a picture of a glacier.

We took a selfy of us standing on the walkway out to the glacier with the Turnagain Arm below us.

It made me a bit teary eyed looking out over such beauty.

Drove back to downtown to check out the fishermen on Ship Creek.

We could see 2 King salmon from the bridge and yelled at a fisherman that we could see salmon. We told him where to put his line and within 5 minutes he caught the salmon. You are only allowed 1 king salmon a day and a total of 5 king salmon for the season.

We learned that you cut the salmon and drag it in the river so it bleeds out. This makes the meat much better.

# He then stood in the river and showed off his 18Lb King Salmon. It was great fun and nobody else caught a salmon the rest of the evening.

Today is our last day in Anchorage. We have really enjoyed Anchorage. Today was laundry and grocery day. Thank goodness because it poured buckets today. It rained all day. It also took me all day to catch up with this blog. It was a little overwhelming to do all the catchup I needed to do but it will be good to remember what we did and what we saw. We are coming back to Anchorage on our way back from Fairbanks.

We leave for Seward tomorrow. I thought the name was "Sewer" and Graham got a good laugh out of that. All the spelling and names of places are hard to remember, but I must try harder.

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