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Hiking along the trail

Crossing a small brook

Still hiking along the trail

Brook along the trail

Dinner at the Hut

My next adventure was a two-day hike in the White Mountains.

I love hiking in the White Mountains, particularly staying at the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) huts.

To avoid the weekend crowds, I decided on a Sunday/Monday hike. I left base camp early on Sunday morning. I carried a backpack that held a Camelbak with two liters of water, plus an additional two spare liters of water, plus lunches, trail snacks, extra clothes, first aid kit, rain gear, etc. I was glad that I didn't need to carry sleeping bags or a tent because there would be a bunkhouse next door to the hut that has bunk beds and blankets. All I had to carry was a light-weight sleeping bag liner. My only electronics were my camera and my InReach device. No cell phone, since there would be no cell phone available in the forest.

It was a gorgeous day with blue skies but it was hot! By noon, I had finished off my Camelbak and started on my spare water. Anticipating that I might need additional water, I was carrying a high-quality water filter. When I came to a comfortable resting spot close to a river, I pumped water through my filter, refilling my Camelbak plus both spare water bottles. I was back to my 4 liter supply of water and was confident that I could get more at the top of the climb. The river water was delicious! Nothing tastes better than cold mountain river water! I pumped some more water for some fellow hikers that I met along the way. As soon as they tasted it, they decided to buy their own water filter at their first opportunity.

I reached the hut just before dinner time at 6pm after climbing for almost 8 hours. I'd been able to avoid any injury the entire time. As I stepped into the hut, I tripped falling on my right side. My right wrist is still healing from my fall on the Wallride. Unable to stop my fall with my right hand, I landed hard on the floor of the hut, scraping my knee. Sigh... Another wound to heal.

After a wonderful diner and a restful sleep in the bunkhouse, I returned to the main hut for breakfast. The first course was hot oatmeal. This was followed by eggs, pancakes and bacon. All of us at the hut enjoyed eating our fill prior to heading back out onto the trail.

We scattered in all directions. Some headed north; some headed south. Some were staying another night at this hut in the wilderness. I headed back down the same trail that I had climbed the previous day, returning to the campground where I had left my RV the prior morning.

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