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Boys in Bed

Interesting Drive-1 lane bridge with a train track down the middle

Loving the amount of sleep we are able to get in New Zealand. It is dark very early, so the boys are not complaining about going to bed reasonably early. Last night it was 7.45.

The mornings are also very dark. It is just starting to get light in the van at 8.30, so we are all enjoying a sleep in aswell...

This morning we woke to drizzling rain...Not a good sign as we are due to go on the Heli Hike today.

Went down & spoke to them & the Heli Hike has been cancelled (as we expected...) so we rescheduled for tomorrow...Fingers Crossed the weather improves...Lucky we have a bit of room to move with our itinerary, as we though this may happen along the way.

It was still drizzling, but not enough to really worry us. It is not that cold, as there is no wind around.

There is a Kiwi Conservation Centre down the road, so we walked there. It is pretty small, but they do have 2 of the rarest Kiwi's (Rowi Kiwi) in a nocturnal house there. Pretty cool, as there is no chance of seeing a Kiwi in the wild. They also have a display relating to the Glaciers there, so it was a way to kill an hour out of the rain.

The rain didn't ease up all day. It is not heavy, just more annoying than anything.

Had a quiet arvo in the van. Boys played on Ipods & we had a game of Skip-Bo. Went for another walk to get some wine from the supermarket. Boys got an ice-cream.

Not a very exciting day, but we just need to wait out the rain & hope we can do the Heli Hike in the next day or 2. The weather is forecast to improve, so hopefully we will be in luck.

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