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Karen on top

About steak night at the Legion, it was great! You pick out your steak, season it up how you like and then when you're ready, go outside and cook it on the gas grills they have going. We each had a ribeye last night but they were big enough we could have shared one and had enough. As it was we had enough left over for breakfast this morning. All for $10! And that includes a baked potato and a salad. It was a great deal. Our goal today was to hike up to Exit Glacier. It was a huge glacier covering about 30 square miles back during the gold rush. A group of explorers got lost lost on the glacier and couldn't find their way out. They wandered around and around lost until almost starving to death they finally found their way out on this glacier which was then named Exit Glacier. Our hike up to see the glacier consisted of 1.3 miles one way up to see the glacier and then 1.3 miles back down.

Hiking to the glacier there were signs telling where the glacier was at different years.

It was interesting to see how much it had receded over the years.

We also found it a coincidence that of the few years that they chose to mark 2 of them happened to be our birth years. Ha. It had receded about a mile from 1961 and about a mile and a half from 1951. We finished the hike in about 2 hours. It was tougher than we expected.

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